Return to Earth runs a small, but fully certified and provincially inspected, kitchen. We specialize in bone broths and bone broth soups – although we’ll also offer specialty / seasonal items as the whim catches our fancy.

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finished bone broths

RTE’s bone broths are made by simmering the bones and connective tissue of our own pasture-raised animals for numerous hours with a variety of aromatics and apple cider vinegar. This draws valuable nutrients out of the bones to create an incredibly rich and nutrient-dense broth. Use our broths anywhere you would use a regular stock (i.e., soups, sauces, gravies, rice). The lamb bone broth is an amazing substitute for beef broths.

We carry both chicken and lamb bone broths.

Both are salt and preservative free.


Our soups are made entirely with a base of our own house-made bone-broths! Made in small batches with fresh ingredients, including carrots, celery, and onion from our own organically grown garden (when available) and meat from our own pasture-raised animals, our soups are hearty, filling, and tend to teeter on the edge between soup and stew. i.e., they are meal soups!

bone-broth chicken and rice soup

CHICKEN & WILD RICE: Pastured chicken, mushrooms, kale, and a mixture of wild grains are complimented by just a touch of rosemary in a chicken bone broth and milk base to create the perfect winter warm-me-up food.

Low calorie, fat, & sodium, excellent source of protein, good source of dietary fibre and calcium

HEARTY BEEF BARLEY: Made with Enright beef, tender barley, and a gracious accompaniment of vegetables in a lamb bone broth base, this is a traditional favourite – and for good reason

Low calorie, low fat, low sodium, excellent source of protein, good source of dietary fibre and iron.

GOLDEN COCONUT CHICKEN & LENTIL: Pastured chicken, carrots, and lentils simmered in a chicken bone broth and coconut milk base. Paired with the warm flavours of ginger and turmeric and just a touch of cilantro.

Low calorie, low sodium, excellent source of protein, dietary fibre, and iron.

bone broth split pea and ham soup

SPLIT PEA & HAM: A staple meal during the cold months! It’s hard to match the comfort presented by a warm bowl of split peas and diced ham simmered in a chicken bone broth seasoned with garlic and thyme.

Low calorie, excellent source of protein, dietary fibre, and iron.

JALAPENO POTATO: A thick and filling soup with just a touch of peppery heat. Our take on a potato soup is made with a chicken bone broth base and showcases flavours of fennel, cumin, and, of course, jalapeno.

Low calorie, low fat, excellent source of protein, calcium, and iron, good source of dietary fiber.

PORK & WHITE BEAN: This soup features big chunks of tender pasture-raised pork mixed with white beans, squash, kale, and carrots. All is simmered in a chicken bone bone rounded out with the warm, earthy flavours of turmeric and cumin.

Low calorie, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Good source of protein, dietary fibre, and iron.

Ferments and pantry items

We offer a range of canned and fermented staples. These items are made from produce grown within our very own gardens so their availability is limited by both the growing season and our annual growing success.

Ferments and pantry items are available only within the farm stand and on a first come first serve basis.


simmering pot with all ingredients for bone broth

Standard stocks are made by boiling the meat and / or carcass of an animal with aromatics for a short(er) period of time – usually 1-3 hours. While still delicious, most standard stocks or broths are thin and are (comparatively) low in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

In contrast, bone broths are simmered with aromatics and, importantly, vinegar, for many many hours and / or under pressure. This slow cook breaks down tough connective tissues to garner all the benefits they offer creating a savoury, nutrient-dense broth that provides a wide range of valuable minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in a form accessible and easily absorbed by your body.

While the exact levels of nutrients in any given bone broth will vary based on type of bones used and composition of the broth, bone broths are generally rich in:

  • Calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals required for the development of bones
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin – known to support joint health
  • Vitamin A and vitamin K2
  • Minerals like zinc, iron, boron, manganese, and selenium
  • Collagen protein, which turns into gelatin when cooked and yields several important amino acids such as arginine and glycine

In addition to the nutrient boost bone broths provide (or perhaps as a result of this boost) they may also:

  • Benefit the digestive system
  • Fight inflammation
  • Improve joint health
  • Satisfy hunger cravings (thus aiding in weight loss)
  • Improve sleep and brain function