Our pastured poultry actually taste the way chicken and turkey is supposed to: tender, juicy, flavorful, and outright delicious!

broiler chicken dressed and ready to roast

Like all of our animals, Return to Earth’s pastured birds are raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones.

BROILER CHICKENS are sold as either whole or half birds.

TURKEY is available by pre-order only with order intakes usually occuring in early summer for Thanksgiving and Christmas birds. (hint: sign up for our newsletter to receive notices for order intakes).


adult broiler chicken on pasture in tractor

Return to Earth’s broiler (roasting) chicken and turkey are raised using the healthiest and most humane practices in the industry. 

For the first few weeks after hatching, the birds are raised in small batches within warm, well-ventilated brooders with unfettered access to food and water. Once mature enough, they are moved outside to live on pasture in specially designed “poultry tractors”. The tractors, which are moved daily to a fresh area of pasture, are floor-less pens that keep our birds safe from predators while simultaneously providing:

  • Access to sunshine and fresh air
  • Shade and protection from the elements
  • Enough space for the birds to freely move, peck, and scratch
  • Access to fresh forage: grasses, vegetation, legumes, and insects
  • A living area that is clean and hygienic

Due to our harsh Canadian winters, we only raise our birds during the spring, summer, and fall months to ensure they garner all the benefits of pasturing.


Compared to conventionally raised meat birds, pastured poultry is more nutritious and offers significant health benefits including up to:

3x more omega-3s & 3x more long-chain omega-3s

90% lower omega-6 : omega-3 ratio

30% less saturated fat

1.9x higher polyunsaturated : saturated fat ratio

6% higher protein

15% more collagen

1.3x more vitamin E

50% more vitamin A

As a bonus, it tastes pretty awesome too!